Himachal Sightseeing Tour

Best time to visit in himachal pradesh and places to visit to himachal pradesh - Himachal Pradesh is situated in the shadows of the great Himalaya in the Northern part of India. Himachal Pradesh is the land of Gods and Goddess, thus called �Dev-Bhoomi�. It is the place of diverse cultures, land of fare and festivals, land of peace and joy, a place where you can see nature at its best. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with the wonderful . It is one of the best known location to spend your holidays and have a lifetime of a experience. Himachal Pradesh is located in the altitudes of Himalaya which ranges from 350 meters to 7000 meters. It is a small state having area of just 55673 kilometers. Himachal Pradesh was founded by Dr. Y. S. Parmar. Himachal Pradesh become new state on 25th January 1971 (earlier it was a part of Punjab). Himachal is blessed with the beauty of nature and thus is one of the hottest tourist spot in India

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